An experienced rider is not someone who had the experience a couple of times!

Specials, Tours & Prices

Cliff Top Ride

Follow the Rota Vicentina between Arrifana Beach and Monte Clérigo Beach. Let the ocean view take your breath away.

Trust your horse to take you on a Once In A Lifetime experience.

Group-Availability (max 4 horses) for:

2 hours = 60,00€  each guest

Private Rides of 2 hours have to be requested and are available for 80,00 € each Guest

(Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday)

Partial Ride

Are you a mixed couple of an advanced rider and a beginner? 

How would you like our Special for you:

We will go on a lovely walk on horseback so that you can enjoy that fantastic adventure together.

Same as always, you might think.

But here comes the special: our horses are very relaxed, and so it is easy for the experienced rider to trot or canter ahead in certain places. Afterwards, we join again and continue our unique adventure together.

This ride is 2 hours and costs 120,00€ in total for two guests.

The price differs with more riders, of course.

Country Ride

There is so much countryside to enjoy and so many hidden secrets to discover. 

You will reach areas you would never have found on foot and never have dreamt of exploring.

Together we will create fantastic riding memories, regardless of the level of your experience. 

1 hour = 35,00€

2 hours = 60,00€

3 hours = 80,00€*

4 hours = 100,00€*

* Just for advanced riders.

Panorama Ride (advanced Riders, duration is seasonal)

The most charming about the West Coast is the endless width, the smooth, evergreen hills, the cared-for nature.


This ride is a journey on the hilltops which surround Aljezur. With impressive views of the Nature Park up to the Ocean, you start to grasp how far a horse can get you in such a relatively short period. 

2 hours = 60,00€

3 hours = 80,00€*

4 hours = 100,00€*

Sunset Ride ​

This ride is a romantic dream and is always something you will remember as a couple. But you don't need to be in a relationship to feel the magic of the sunset at the european West Coast. 

From the end of November to March we don't offer late rides. Because of the cold (yes, it's common that the temperature drops below zero at night) the horse's fur needs to dry off the sweat before nightfall.

1 hour = 40,00€

2 hours = 80,00€

Moon Ride

Have you ever been out on a night of the full moon? Away from artificial lights? 

Have you ever felt one with nature?

A night out on the cliffs, the beach or in the woods on horseback is a special occasion. Honestly, for most riders, it's a dream that never comes true!

2 hours = 80,00€*

*Just for advanced riders.

Beach Ride (From October to end of May)

Portugal and it's fabulous beaches! 

Almost every rider has the wish to ride on the beach.

In Portugal, the Beach Ride is seasonal, which means we cannot ride on the beach during the bathing season. That starts in June and ends end of September. Anyway, as popular as our beaches are, it wouldn't be so much fun to jump between towels, kids and surfers. At night we are still allowed - check the Full Moon rides.

We restrict the Beach Rides to low tides for more fun!

As soon as the life guard locks down his shelter for winter we take full advantage and make your wish come true!

Closer to the season, we only go during the week and very early or very late.

2,5 hours = 80,00€* 

4 hours = 120,00€*

*Just for advanced riders.

Kid butt hug.jpeg

Kids Ride

Would your kids love to sit and walk on a horse? ​

We want to do that for you! Our horses are taller than those at your average pony​ club so we won't go on a trail tour with guests younger than 10.

We are very lucky to work with an extraordinary Intructor who is specializes in and passionate about teaching children of all ages!

Our horses are very calm and relaxed and enjoy the attention!

30 min = 30,00€*

*Just for kids


This is another level of riding. It is a lot of fun, but needs a bit extra skill.

You will have to ride with one hand to have the other hand free for your pony horse. So you need an independent seat.

It is an exellent experience for ADVANCED riders only.

2 hours = 60,00€

*Just for ADVANCED riders.

Important: Experienced riders are riders who are safe, confident and independent in trotting and cantering/ galopping.

Please note that we have a weight limit of 85kg!