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An experienced rider is not someone who had the experience a couple of times!

What if I have never been on a Horse?

  • You don´t need any riding experience whatsoever

I have done it a couple of Times / I am sportive. Can I galopp / canter?

  • No! We never trott or galopp with Beginners. It can be dangerous and it WILL hurt the Horses Back. Do not insist - we wont do exceptions.


Will we go to the Beach?

  • June, July, August and September the Horses are forbidden at Beaches

  • There are no Beginner Rides to the Beach

  • There will be no galopping/ cantering at the Beach if there are too many Bathing Guests 

What should I wear?

  • Long Pants and Runners or Sneakers (don´t forget socks)

  • You go for a Sunset Ride? You might want to bring a Jacket

Do you supply Helmets and Boots?

  • Yes, we do supply Helmets. No, we do not offer Boots.

When/ How do I pay?

  • We ask a deposit at booking via bank transfer

  • Please bring the outstanding amount in cash

Vouchers or Values are being paid in advance. They are valid for one year starting from the forcast date of the ride

Do you give Lessons?

  • Yes! If you would like any additional lessons to your ride we work with an extraordinary instructor. (temporary not available)

Can my Child go on a Ride?

  • The minimum age for a ride in the countryside is 10

  • We offer Kids Rides for the younger ones

Can I take my Child with me onto the Horse/ Can I ride pregnant?

  • No! Safty first! Horses are living beings and accidents can happen. This risk is too high for us.

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