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Our Horses

Photo 29-12-2018, 12 52 34 (2).jpg

El Niño is a Garrano- Lusitano. He was born 2001. I got him as a 2 year old half wild pony.

Ever since he never stopped surprising me and I am sure if I had had more ambitions he would be a wonderful classical dressage pony.

He has a very strong character but it is very charming in his case.

By the way, he is the horse on our logo.

Quehaja is an Alter Real. She was born 1997 and Jonas gave her to me when she was 10 years old.

She doesn't believe how old she is and would happily carry low weight riders. She was such a dangerouse horse when we got her but after years and years with us, she found her freedom. 2023 we accidently retired her, when we had more horses in training than planned. 

She is such a proud horse that needed to get to an old age to finally feel happy around humans.

Isabel is a Purebred Unicorn - sounds great but is a mix from the Alentejo. She was born 2007. Jonas found her when she was 2 years old. 

She was in such a bad state, that Jonas wasn't even sure she was actually a horse. He bought her out of pity.

She grew wonderfully and payed each one of our tears back.

Isabel was out of work for 4 years due to a wrong diagnoses. Fortunately we found a wonderful horse therapist that helped her out of her pain. Due to her bad childhood she has lots of difficulties and is ridden a bit different now. She is still her powerful, sensitive self and I lover her to pieces.

Dunja is a Luso - Arab. She was born 2006. We found her when she was 7 years old and Jonas felt she was waiting for us.

Dunja is the sweetest soul of a horse. She loves everyone, everybody, everything.

It is a joy to see her with kids. 

We are very happy to have her in our family.

Dunja had a time out with Isabel, recovering from an injury and is back since October 2019.  

She is now back under the saddle and once again - everybody's darling.

Karamo II

In Febuary 2019 he had an accident during his playtime. Two weeks we fought for his life but in the end he lost.

Our hearts are broken. He will be missed and mourned and he will be loved forever.

I believe that we will meet again. 



Benetton's Highness is a Hanoverain Horse. He was born the 6th 0f March 2009.

Ben was a coincidence, an oportunity I never in my wildest dreams thought of. Thanks to the big heart of his former owner, who thought he was bored in his daily life he went from a fantastic home to HIS home. I love him dearly and can't get enough of him.

After 3 years he finally started to open up and shows his explorer heart every day a little more.

A rider grows with his challenges and I think I did some growing with him.

P1060990 (2).JPG

Wave is an Adalusian Horse and was born in October 2014. I was looking for her and somehow we found each other. She is not an easy horse but from what I see so far after a few weeks she is incredible. Once she trusts she is a force of nature. Unstoppable like a Wave.

She is so full of potencial that I will learn a lot from that young mare.

KP Hackamore.jpg

Knight Pass (KP) is a Thoroughbred and was born in September 2006.  

Just a week after our terrible loss of my soul horse Karamo he was gifted to us, to a home which could give him an adventurous life, a loving forever home.

He is an amazing soul, a wonderful ride and makes me smile again. 

Never will I understand how we desserve such generous gift but we will treat him as the treasure he is.

He brings joy to everyone who rides him or has the pleasure just being around this unique boy.


Second Chance was born in an abandoned herd in the south of Portugal in March 2018. 

After an Adventure Riding iniciated donation hype for the local horse rescue (above) one of the founders bought him just minutes before he went to the gipsies and most likely to his death. She sent a photo to Jonas and said "I want to gift him to you for everything you did for us!" Jonas saw him and thought: 'I know him'

He sent me the photo and I said: 'I know him'

The day after we went to meet him and he jumped into our hearts without anything stopping him!

He had to stay another week so the volunteers got him used to people - he never had human contact. And then his new life began. 

He was namend in honor of the founder and all the second chances she gives and in memory of the horse we knew... 

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