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  About us

In the year 2003 both of us, Jonas and I, Yvonne, needed a restart and decided to leave Germany. We didn't know each other back then. Jonas is  Portuguese and wanted to visit his parents in South Portugal before traveling to Angola. I am a German and wanted to start a new job in Ireland but was cut short when the traveling laws for horses changed. So I ended up in the same village where Jonas'  parents live. It's a very funny and complicated story how we finally fell in love but we did and this was the first miracle.

In the beginning we had two cars and two horses and not so much more. Wait, we were pregnant, too. Yes, right from the start. Another funny story how this could happen against all believes of my doctors. Well, lets concentrate on the horses.

When Jonas was a teenager he traveled a lot around the world. In Argentina he did ride with the Gauchos and worked with their cattle. This was when he decided that his future wife must like horses. And there I was. I already had two.

I was 12 when I was complaining about the "oh so boring summer break" and my mother said: I saw kids, I saw horses - LEAVE! Ever since they are part of me.

I bought my first horse with 21. I had 2 after hour jobs to be able to pay for him and he was worth every struggle I had. Originally I got him with an 8 week contract for training purposes as he was a danger to riders and himself. I fell in love with him and bought him. Karamo is the reason I didn't move to Irland. I couldn't sell him - ever! He was the first horse I decided to ride bitless. Long story again - we have so many of those long stories.

So here we were. A young new couple way over their heads with two horses and not much else. I had to find a place for them to stay. I say "I" because I never thought Jonas would do anything for us, as in me and my horses. I never felt I could trust anyone but myself. Man was I wrong. Jonas always had faith. He found us a place to be. He had a vision I never understood until recently. Now I don't know what he saw in me but he wanted to make my dreams come true. A family to love and be loved, a life with horses, a future worth living.

We lost Karamo 2006 and Jonas got his soul-horse.

Over the years we worked in different areas. Hard and long hours. Always true, honest. We always did our best and grew - family, income, horses. Every now and then we had a few riding guests, offering private rides on private horses. This, too, grew because former guests told friends and so on. People started seeing us as what we were - simple people with so much love for our kids, for what we do, for our area. We got help with paper work, properties, knowledge.

In 2016 we made the tough decision to go for it and do what we loved most - working for ourselves.

Eversince we are truly happy and proud. We always say: if you do it right, you won't get rich but happy. We met fantastic people, made new experiences, learned a lot mostly about ourselves. Only we know where it all came from. Jonas even more than I. He made that dream come true. And this is not the only miracle he made happen... there are others I would share with you on a ride through our beautiful country.

We are looking forward to our future.

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