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Registo: 419/2019

Horseriding should be Adventure Riding

Set your spirit free and learn to trust the beautiful nature of a horse. Yvonne will guide horsetrails around Aljezur for guests of all states of riding experience.

To provide an exceptional experience for advanced riders of varying skill, we never mix  experienced groups. You will never feel pressure from more advanced riders or have to hold back for less experienced ones. We entertain Horseback Rides in your personal comfort zone. Of course, if you book together with a less experienced partner, we will have to slow it down. But don't worry, there is a SPECIAL for you, which you can look up in our Specials & Prices. Feel as if you are riding with a friend though the Westcoast of the Algarve.


Visit us in the Nature Park and explore the area

We are situated in the Nature Park Costa Vicentina. Often our rides cross the Rota Vicentina, a national hiking path. We have the pleasure to enjoy the most stunning surroundings, some of the cleanest beaches, beautiful mountains and breathtaking views. Explore and fall in love with the west coast.         

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